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Promoting Safety. Preventing Injuries. Saving Lives.

“When Adar enters, we increase in joy”, but this month brings with it some dangers as well.


Each year children of all ages are injured by firecrackers, cracker balls and other dangerous toys, unsafe costumes and more.


Together – we can prevent these injuries!

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During the Purim season we find Purim toys, in stores and at friends.

But did you know that every year children are taken to the hospital with painful burns and injuries, from these “toys”?

We can prevent these injuries!

What is a dangerous toy?

A dangerous toy is one that:

  1. may cause an injury

  2. may cause itching or tearing

  3. transfers an electrical charge upon touching it.

  4. creates a loud explosion that frightens people or causes panic.

  5. looks like a real weapon.


Which toys are permissible?

A permissible toy is one that is legally labelled in Hebrew with the following information:

- Name of the manufacturer and importer

- Instructions for use

- Warnings and age limitations

- Approval by the Standards Institute.


But note! Even toys that are marked as legal and approved, still require safety rules!

  • Read the instructions and warnings on the package

  • Use only according to the manufacturer instructions

  • Never keep any explosive toys in your pockets, they may explode from friction and cause serious burns and injuries.

  • Always leave explosive toys in their original packing, in your bag.




Whether buying or creating a costume from scratch, or using makeup or accessories, careful planning can prevent falls, injuries, headaches and prevent disaster.


When buying a costume:

Check for a Hebrew label, with manufacturer and importer details.

Check that the clothing is approved by Israeli Standards.

Many costumes are flammable and can quickly catch fire, causing severe burns.


When preparing a costume at home:

Do not use flammable materials, such as:

Cotton wool, Nylon, Feathers, Polyester, Cardboard, Paper. These can catch fire quickly and cause severe burns.

Make sure that the costume fits well. Costumes that are too big can cause falls.

If you feel itching or any other discomfort on your skin, remove the costume immediately!

Sometimes a long undergarment under the costume can help prevent skin reactions.

Do not wear masks or costumes with strings around or near the neck, which may cause choking.

Children under the age of 8 should not wear masks that limit their vision.

Do not dress babies or infants with costumes that have strings or small parts that may come off and can cause choking.

While playing outside or in the park, remove costumes for safe and pleasant play.



Only use makeup that is approved by the Health Ministry, certifying that the product does not contain poisonous ingredients and is safe for use.

Before applying the makeup, test it on a small area, to make sure that it does not cause skin irritation. It is recommended to test it a few days before Purim, as some cause a delayed reaction.

It is recommended to smear moisturizer on the skin before applying makeup.

Do not apply makeup to large areas of the face, hands or feet.

Remove makeup during the day, using a gentle, quality makeup remover.

Do not go to sleep with makeup!



“Umishloach Manot Ish Lere’eihu”: Sending portions one to another:

We will observe safety rules of Mishloach Manot and prevent harm.


- Mishloach Manot meant for children up to age 4, or for a friend that has a little brother or sister who may get to the mishloach manot, should not contain treats or toys that may cause choking, such as: Candies, nuts, small toys and other items.

- If we know that our friend or his family members have allergies or sensitivity to some foods, we will not include these ingredients in the Mishloach Manot we send them.


קרן יוסף להצלת חיים

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