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Founded by Mrs. Doris Mainzer z”l in 1999, Keren Yosef aims to save lives through instruction, prevention and distribution of lifesaving equipment.

Keren Yosef operates in the Beit Shemesh area and beyond, upgrading medical response through the provision of emergency medical vehicles, equipment and training to the emergency services, first responders and members of the public.

Keren Yosef also promotes essential health and safety awareness amongst children and adults  in the community through educational programs, projects and campaigns.

Message from our Chairperson:

Thanks to the dedication of Keren Yosef's board members, the extraordinary mesirut nefesh of our EMTs and emergency services, the wonderful support of our partners, donors and community and with Hashem's help we have been able to make a difference to so many lives, Almost every day I hear another moving story of a family assisted, a life saved or a tragedy averted.

As our Sages teach us "The day is short and the work is great" but together we can change attitudes and behaviour, generate and foster a culture of caring and safety - protect ourselves and our loved ones - and create a safer, healthier and brighter environment for all.


brd Gina.png


We made aliya in 1990 and having trained and practiced as a dentist in England, I taught for several years in the Hadassah Dental School whilst working in the oral pathology laboratory.

Over ten years ago I retrained as an alternative medicine practitioner working in kupat cholim and my own private clinic.

When my dear mother and inspiration, Doris z"l, passed away I felt first an obligation and then a tremendous privilege and zechut, to play my part in carrying on her remarkable work and realizing her visions and dreams. It has been, and continues to be, an incredible and energizing journey.

brd Yehudis Shamroth.png


I have had a long career as a nurse anesthetist, and also in Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and herbalism with an integrative medicine practice in the Beit Shemesh and a Balance Center of Rechavia. 

As a volunteer, I teach CPR and first aid to all ages for Keren Yosef since 2002, when Doris z”l invited me to teach teens and adults.

brd anonymous Leah B.png


I was involved in education for 22 years in New York Jewish Schools, both as a teacher and as part of many new educational programs and initiatives..

I sit on the board of Keren Yosef. I love this organization as it works tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of our city's population in its entirety, both young and old. Keren Yosef takes into account every possible scenario in which people may be in danger and puts out impressive preventive campaigns while at the same time providing solutions for situations as they arise.

brd Tzippy Leibowitz.png

I started out as a general board member,helping in various tasks such as sales at Megamall, safety programming and generating ideas at board meetings.

About  one  half years ago I took over the job of treasurer for the organization.


I am proud to be part of an organization that helps improve the safety of the general Beit Shemesh community and beyond.

Cherill Banks.jpg

I joined the Keren Yosef committee not long after it was started by Doris Mainzer z”l, and continued when her daughter Gina took over.  Both Doris and Gina were always dedicated to raising funds for Keren Yosef and supplying first aid equipment locally and nationally.


Over the years I have helped to set up events, sell first aid equipment at various venues and taken minutes at committee meetings.  I feel that Keren Yosef is a very worthwhile organization, meeting a great need for first aid equipment and safety instruction, especially to school children, in the Bet Shemesh area and beyond.

brd Naomi Scott.jpg


I am  originally from the UK, currently mother of 4 and living in Beit Shemesh. 


I help selling smoke alarms and other safety equipment. I also  help with social media. 


Safety is important for everyone and the work.that Keren Yosef does to heighten knowledge and safety awareness is incredibly important.

brd Shoshana Citron.jpg

As a friend and neighbour of Gina, it was a privilege to be asked to join the Keren Yosef board over 10 years ago.  The Keren Yosef mission statement is to save lives and it does just that. Countless lives have been saved through first aid and cpr courses, fire safety awareness week and many more initiatives. As a mother and teacher, I believe it is important to begin teaching good safety skills and behavior to children as early as possible.  And, as our children grow and become more independent, these situations change. Keren Yosef identifies these changing needs and works tirelessly to promote awareness of good practice. 

brd Rifki Orzech.png


I made Aliyah with my family in 2014 from the UK and settled in Bet Shemesh.

As see it as taking the Great out of Britain and bringing it to Israel -


if they'd only sell proper tea...

brd Elyssa Aftel.jpg


I made aliyah 15 years ago to Beit Shemesh and have seen how Keren Yosef has helped equip our community with all different types of medical and safety equipment.


Keren Yosef has worked with MDA and Hatztala to  improve response times by emergency personnel.

I am proud to be part of this organization. 

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